Participant Resource Pool

Participants Needed

The Healthier Black Elders Center not only provides resources for today but it lays the foundation for reliable research for tomorrow. The HBEC invites everyone interested in its mission to join its pool of partners willing to consider participating in future research projects. Health disparities still exist between African Americans and other ethnic groups, so more research is needed to determine causes and solutions. A pool of potential participants is critical for this research.


At the present time HBEC is trying to recruit African American men and women aged 55 and older who are willing to participate in noninvasive research.


The HBEC Participant Resource Pool has an Oversight Committee which consists of the HBEC Committee Advisory Board members. This board manages access to the pool and use of the database. The committee is composed of 10 individualsfrom the community who ensure that the safety and protection of the participants and the quality and integrity of the research is maintained.


If you have decided to volunteer for research contact Vanessa Rorai at 313-664-2604 or


Grant Principal Investigators
Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., ABPP
James S. Jackson, Ph.D.
Joan Ilardo, Ph.D.


Co-Directors of MCUAAAR Community Liaison Core
Tam Perry, Ph.D.
Jamie Mitchell, Ph.D.
Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, Ph.D.


Director of Outreach, Institute of Gerontology
Donna MacDonald BA, MRA


HBEC Community Outreach Specialist
Vanessa Rorai, MSW

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For more information contact: Minti Henderson at 734-763-2489 or

MCUAAAR is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and Wayne State University