HBEC Newsletters


Winter 2017
In this issue:
Program to Combat Scams & Identity Theft 
Helping Older African American Men Control Diabetes 
Diabetes superfoods
Gardening in Detroit City
Event Listing



Fall 2016
In this issue:
Helping Older Adults in Our City Stay Fit
Keeping Your Brain Healthy
Financial Health After 60 Workshops
Pilot Scholar Spotlight



Spring 2016
In this issue:
Daily Activities and Neighborhood Stress 
Financial Health after 60
Common Arthritis Questions & Answers
African American Women and Brain Health
Calendar of Events



Fall 2015
In this issue:
Detroit's Revitalizationand Its Effect on Area Seniors
Transportation Research
Understanding Memory Loss
HBEC Upcomming Events




Spring 2015
In this issue:
How to Talk to Your Doc
Energy and Passion for Healthier Black Elders
Brain Research Needs Your Help
Is it Safe to Microwave in Plastic?




Fall 2014
In this issue:

Diabetes Care: What’s Your Number?
Wonder what kinds of things the volunteers in our        Participant Resource Pool get asked to do? 



Fall 2013
In this issue:
Cholesterol to Cavities, Healthier Black Elders Event    Promotes Good Health
Pain Advocate Receives Recognition
Dr. Letha Chadiha Honored with Diversity Award





Winter 2013
In this issue:
$2.7 NIH Grant Renewed
HBEC Director Name to NIH Advisory Board
IOG's Rench Named to State Commision

   on Service to the Aging



Summer 2012
In this issue:
Pain Education and Management
Eating Safe Fish Project
Volunteerism and Health

Detroit Comedian Horace Sanders


Fall 2011
In this issue:
Detroiters Adjust to New Retirement Realities
Community Engagement Fuels
   Research Participation
Healthy Marital Relationships Protect Health The Skinny on Splenda

Winter 09

Spring 2011
In this issue:
Health Concerns of Elder Metro Detroiters

Director Leads National Conference to Train
   Researchers on Policy Work
Choosing a Doctor Who Understands Aging

Fall 10

Fall 2010
In this issue:
LIFHE Study Seeks to Impact Aging Policies
   and Services
Participant Resource Pool Grows
Medicare's Gap Filled by Detroit Dental Clinics
Motivated Seniors Commit to Good Health
Spring 2010

Spring 2010
In this issue:

HBEC Event Stresses Participation in Wellness
Researcher Focuses on Female Caregiving
HBEC Senior Volunteers at Work

Winter 09

Winter 2009
In this issue:

Inspiration, Dedication and Passion
   Mark Career of Olivia Washington
Survey Shows Health Reception Helps
   Many in Tough Times
Is Laughter Good Medicine? Yes!
New Scholars Increase
   Diverse Approaches to Research

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