HBEC Newsletters

HBEC Fall 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Research Update: Stress and Health
Glaucoma Treatments Prevent Eye Damage
CAB Member Spotlight: Henry Swift
Volunteers Needed for these Research Studies
Community Lunch & Learn

HBEC Spring 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
MSU Team Members
Research Update
MCUAAAR Scientists
CAB Member Spotlight
Metabolic Syndrome
Community Lunch & Learn

HBEC Spring 2018 Newsletter (PDF)In this issue:
From Research to Results
A Career Dedicated to Diversity
MCUAAAR Pilot Scholars
CAB Member Spotlight
Caregiver Help
Community Lunch & Learn

HBEC Summer 2017 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Helping Seniors Be Healthier
Tips Regarding Safety
Financial Health Workshops
Help FInd a Cure for Alxhiemer's
Who We Are

HBEC Fall 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Scams & Identity Theft 
African American Men & Diabetes 
Diabetes Superfoods
Gardening in Detroit City
Event Listing

HBEC Spring 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Helping Our City Stay Fit
Keeping Your Brain Healthy
Financial Health After 60 Workshops
Pilot Scholar Spotlight

HBEC Fall 2015 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
City Revitilization and Area Seniors
Transportation Research
Understanding Memory Loss
HBEC Upcomming Events

HBEC Spring 2015 Newsletter (PDF)

In this issue:
How to Talk to Your Doc
Passion for Healthier Black Elders
Brain Research Needs Your Help
Is it Safe to Microwave in Plastic?

HBEC Fall 2014 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Diabetes Care: What's Your Number?
Research Opportunities

HBEC Fall 2013 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Cholesterol to Cavities
Pain Advocate Receives Recognition
Chadiha Honored with Diversity Award

HBEC Winter 2013 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
$2.7 NIH Grant Renewed
HBEC Director Name to NIH Advisory Board
Rencher Serves on State

HBEC Summer 2012 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Pain Education and Management
Eating Safe Fish Project
Volunteerism and Health

Detroit Comedian Horace Sanders

HBEC Fall 2011 Newletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Detroiters & New Retirement Realities
Engagement Fuels Research Participation
Marital Relationships and Health

The Skinny on Splenda

HBEC Spring 2011 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Health Concerns of Metro Detroiters
Training Researchers on Policy Work
Choosing a Doc Who Understands Aging

HBEC Fall 2010 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
LIFHE Study 
Participant Resource Pool Grows
Medicare's Gap & Detroit Dental Clinics
Motivated Seniors

HBEC Spring 2010 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
Event Stresses Participation in Wellness
Female Caregiving
HBEC Senior Volunteers at Work

HBEC Winter 2009 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue:
The Career of Olivia Washington
Events HelpsMany in Tough Times
Is Laughter Good Medicine? 
Diverse Approaches to Research

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