PRP Forms

Participant Resource Pool Letters & Application Form

We are happy that you are interested in using the Healthier Black Elders Center (HBEC) Participant Resource Pool (PRP).
In order to expedite your request, please download the following instructions and application form:

After you have completed and returned the formal application form within approximately two weeks, the HBEC staff and Advisory reviewers will notify you of their decision.

Please note: All request to obtain approval for research involving human participants must have prior approval from the Human Investigation Committee (HIC) Steering Committee.

* For email, return completed application to AND
* For US mail, return completed application to Healthier Black Elders Center, Institute of Gerontology, 87 East Ferry, 226 Knapp Bldg., Detroit, MI 48202

Application for PRP Investigators

PRP Application

Please call us for questions regarding our intro letter.
We look forward to supporting the development of your research.

For more information contact: Minti Henderson at 734-763-2489 or

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