MCUAAAR Community Liaison Core

Community Liaison Core (CLC)

Increasing the African American communities' receptivity to research is a core aim of the center. To help accomplish this, the CLC provides health education to black elders on various health topics (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, stroke...). One of CLC's greatest accomplishments has been the use of community resources for successful recruitment of participants. These activities are also significant in that they continue to build trust in the community. The CLC also focuses on the importance of generating hypotheses and theory driven research around recruitment and retention of minority elders to health research.

An equally important part is providing content that is both relevant and compelling to seniors in the community. The Community Liaison Core of the Center is involved in disseminating research and opening channels of communication between members of the Center and the community through linking the Center's information system with this system.

Drs. Tam Perry ( and Jamie Mitchell ( are co-leaders of the Community Liaison Core of MCUAAAR. LaToya Hall and Vanessa Rorai are also essential members of this team and are a community resource for successful recruitment of participants.

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MCUAAAR is a collaboration between the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University