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Michigan Center for
Urban African American Aging Research

Methods & Measurement Workgroup
The MCUAAAR MM workgroup is a subgroup of the Administrative Core. It serves as a training and research focal point in refining and honing the research skills of junior investigators. The Methods and Measurement workgroup provides expert consultation to pilot investigators on measurement and design issues.

The MM workgroup leaders are Toni Antonucci, Ph.D. and Thomas Templin, Ph.D.

The Workgroup's faculty, part of a multidisciplinary team of established researchers, holds workshops aimed at providing junior investigators with opportunities to expand their knowledge and use of a variety of methods and measurement instruments useful for conducting research and analyzing data from racially diverse populations.

For more information contact: Minti Henderson at 734-763-2489 or minti@umich.edu 

For more information contact: Minti Henderson at 734-763-2489 or minti@umich.edu

MCUAAAR is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and Wayne State University